My Episode With Workplace Bullying

I have started this blog to share my story of workplace bullying, the effect that it had on me, and what I have done and am doing to overcome it. The bullying took place at my first job outside of school in a manufacturing company. In summary, I was severely bullied by the maintenance shop steward, mocked and ridiculed by the operators, and also had to deal with an abusive boss. Overall this had an extremely detrimental effect on my state of mind, my confidence, and my career. It caused me an extreme amount of anger and resentment towards the perpetrators. However, I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and have been trying to positively deal with the horrible ordeal. The most important step, I feel, is to speak out about the abuse to not only purge my system of the bad experiences I had to endure but also to create awareness. Below are links to posts that I have written over a period of a year that provide the details of my story. As my intention is solely to tell my story and not to engage in slander or libel, all names and specific information have been omitted or anonymized.

 My Ordeal With A Vicious Workplace Bully

Something My Boss Did

My Ordeal With An Abusive Boss

A Dysfunctional Work Environment

Dissecting The Bully

Evaluating My Boss: Handling Of Workplace Bullying

Evaluating My Boss: Delegation To Subordinates

Evaluating The Work Environment

Lessons Learned


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